Use Qwilr with Zapier to automate your workflows

Announcing Qwilr’s integration with Zapier

We’ve been building out an integration with Zapier over the past couple of months. And we’re very excited to finally announce that we’re live!!

🎉 🙌 🍾

If you haven’t used Zapier before, it’s all about allowing users to sync up their various cloud apps — more than 700 of them, including all of the popular cloud apps you use.

Zapier has helped us streamline a lot of our internal processes, like shooting data from our demo booking app (Calendly) and our NPS survey app (Promoter) to our customer communications app (Intercom), our internal analytics app (Kissmetrics) and our CRM (Pipedrive).

We’re big fans 😍

What Qwilr-ers can do with Zapier

But more importantly, Qwilr users will now be able to link Qwilr up with their cloud apps, and automate many amazing (and otherwise tedious!) workflows like:

Send emails from Gmail when new Qwilr projects are first viewed
Create Trello cards for viewed Qwilr projects
Add accepted Qwilr projects to Google Sheets
Get Slack notifications when Qwilr projects are first viewed
Add MailChimp subscribers when new Qwilr projects are accepted
Create Harvest projects when new Qwilr projects are accepted
Create activity on Pipedrive activity when Qwilr projects are viewed
Create Pipedrive deals when Qwilr projects are published

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Using Zapier with Qwilr

We’ve set up a help page for users looking to set up their first ‘zap’ with Zapier.

Let us know if you’ve feedback on our Zapier integration or if we can help in any way!

Dylan Baskind is a Co-Founder & CEO at Qwilr

Dylan Baskind is the CEO and co-founder at Qwilr. He is also a designer, engineer, artist, musician and writer. He plays in this band. Sometimes he makes business focused helpers like like this. He chats with fellow artists and industry here and very, very occasionally posts articles here.