Sherlock: Your email sleuth

First name, last name, company URL and voila! Sherlock has found you a validated email address.

Finding unknown email addresses is a massive pain. Everyone has their tricks, but they’re all cumbersome and time intensive.  Yet email is still the king of all communication.  In fact, 98% of American’s check email at least once per day, with more than a third continually checking throughout.  This issue of discovery is an occasional pain for most of us, but it’s brutal if you work in Sales, Business Development or even Marketing (hello all interns who have had to find dozens of ‘influencer’ email addresses).

Our friends at Hubspot put together an impressive list of ways to track down email address using the likes of Google docs, Email Breaker, Mail Tester, Sidekick and Anymail finder.  These are all fine tools.  However, these methods can take up to 30 minutes and require toggling between 3+ tabs.

At Qwilr, Dylan thought Mark’s spreadsheet trick was pretty nifty, so he spent a day making Sherlock — a simple tool that works with LinkedIn’s Rapportive, Full Contact or Sidekick to find those emails for you in no time.

Sherlock is simple. Sherlock is free.  Sherlock is going to make your life a lot easier.

Here’s how it works – Click here for a full tutorial video

Of course, here at Team Qwilr, our main expertise is in helping teams win work with the most amazing, intelligent, interactive and mobile-friendly proposals, quotes and presentations — so we’ve built a little special something into Sherlock to allow you to see the power of Qwilr in allowing you to quickly and easily create amazing proposals.

To start finding email addresses in seconds and closing deals faster than ever – simply follow these four quick steps!

1. Install Rapportive
Head to Rapportive and click the big yellow button which says “Add Rapportive to Gmail”.


Note: Sherlock also works with Sidekick and FullContact!

2. Head to Sherlock
Once that’s installed head to or install the Sherlock Chrome extension.

3. Enter the details
Complete all the fields:

  1. First name: Mark
  2. Last name: Tanner
  3. Company URL (removing the http://www.):
  4. Copy to clipboard

4. Open you Gmail account

Hit the “Compose” button at the top left and then hit paste in the “To” section of a new email.

Gmail integration with Sherlock

The right hand side is the Rapportive toolbar.  You’ll notice pop-ups appear as you hover over the various email addresses.  In some cases, no profile photo appears — which indicates the email address is invalid, or not associated with a LinkedIn account.  As you hover over a valid email address, the picture and details appear.  Having the additional info from LinkedIn is a great way to make a meaningful connection — especially if you have connections in common.

Be sure to delete the irrelevant emails & you’re good to go!


5. Auto- create proposals 
Generate an interactive + mobile-friendly web-based proposal in one click:

  1. Hit the green button “Auto-Create Proposal”
  2. Select Industry
  3. Fill in recipients details

Use Sherlock to auto-create Qwilr proposals in seconds

Auto generate Qwilr proposals in seconds using Sherlock influencer outreach email locator

6. Generate Proposal

Hit create proposal and let our sleuth auto generate the rest! Simply copy and paste your unique Qwilr URL to check out the proposal.


7. Edit and Share

Click here to try out the sales template or begin creating your own.

Sales proposal made in seconds using Qwilr

Now you’re ready to ditch boring, ugly documents and truly embrace the web with interactive and mobile-friendly webpages through which you’ll close more deals, faster than ever.  Let’s nail down those meetings and get pumping on more proposals.

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Step-by-step guide to Sherlock video

Sam Silberberg
Sam Silberberg is a Digital Marketer at Qwilr

Sam is a native New Yorker with four years experience at The Economist, overseeing the successful execution of integrated campaigns across multiple business units. Prior to The Economist, she worked in strategy and planning at ZenithOptimedia and OMD media agencies. Sam has a B.A. in Advertising from the Journalism School at the University of Colorado and currently resides in Sydney.