What we’re reading II: remote working, experiments on humans, cool bicycle tech, Amazon’s war with Hachette, and more…

Here are Qwilr we all spend a bit of our day reading about tech, startups and the business world (among other things). We even have a special Slack channel devoted to reading and discussing interesting stuff.

We’ve already written one post sharing some of what we’ve been reading, and we thought it was time today to share another one. We present these posts because we found them interesting for one reason or another, not necessarily because we endorse what they have to say. Where pertinent we’ve added a bit of commentary from the team.

What we’ve been reading lately

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Steve Hind is a Strategist at Qwilr

Steve Hind is a strategist. He blogs (sometimes) at The Hindsite Blog and has economics and law degrees from the University of Sydney. He has won the World Universities Debating Championship, and the World Schools Debating Championship, as both a student and as coach of the Australian team.