Navigation Feature

Now your qwilrs can have modern web navigation.

It’s the modern website navigation you know and love, now available from every qwilr. Our new navigation feature makes it easy for your clients to jump directly to the sections they are most interested in. It adapts to mobile and desktop and comes in a variety of different layouts and configurations.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

It’s now live for everyone. So hop into your account and check it out. PS: For detailed instructions check out these help docs.


Big thank you to our Beta Group.

This feature owes a debt of gratitude to our beta group, whose feedback has been instrumental in shaping what we’re releasing today. Thank you folks.

If you are interested in shaping some of Qwilr’s future product releases, just get in touch at

Dylan Baskind is a Co-Founder & CEO at Qwilr

Dylan Baskind is the CEO and co-founder at Qwilr. He is also a designer, engineer, artist, musician and writer. He plays in this band. Sometimes he makes business focused helpers like like this. He chats with fellow artists and industry here and very, very occasionally posts articles here.