Do you want to impress your clients this Christmas?

December is upon us. We all know what that means. Charitable donations, holiday bonuses, and 4th quarter fiscal deadlines. But it doesn’t all have to be that way. It’s also the time for Christmas playlists, sugar cookies, and old men in red velvet suits. Let’s face it, December is a great time of year.

This is the time when most of us send our best wishes to our clients. And why wouldn’t we? Christmas is the time to stand out. To shine bright, like the bulbs and lights strung around the tree.

You unique snowflake, you.

Qwilr is here to help you make the most of your holiday cheer.

So we created our Business Christmas Card Templates to personalize and send to your clients.

business christmas card

Why Send A Business Christmas Card?

Think about it. Throughout the year, you interact with your clients on a semi, to regular basis. Whether you’re emailing, texting, calling, or chatting with them in person. One way or another, you’ve formed a relationship with them. Call it what you want, that’s what it is. It’s so easy to forget this fact when you have hundreds to thousands of clients. We’re all one big, dysfunctional family.

Christmas is a time to remind those around us we appreciate them. A Qwilr Business Christmas Card lets you do that without taking time away from your more pressing duties (like eating sugar cookies).

How to Personalize Your Business Christmas Cards

Business Christmas Card

Qwilr’s seamless platform will knock your client’s holiday stockings off. Use any of our 3 web-based Business Christmas Card templates:

Business Christmas Card 1

business christmas card

Business Christmas Card 2

Business Christmas Card

Business Holiday Card

Business Holiday Card

Add beautiful images of sleigh bells. Include a video of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Upload an audio message of the whole group wishing your client a happy holiday. Make it as personal as you want.

Get on over to Qwilr and impress your clients one last time before the year is over.

And hey, while you’re there, check out the amazing proposal templates too. The beginning of the year is going to sneak up on you faster than you know it. 😉

Santi Cura is a Digital Marketer focused on growth at Qwilr

Santi is a Maker and a Traveler - last known location Spain. He is from Argentina and has 7 years working in Marketing growing startups. He is currently helping Qwilr get more users all over the world. You can follow him on his Twitter or add him on Linkedin if you need to talk.